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Turning your memoirs into family heirlooms

“How rare to meet professionalism, integrity and friendly service, all between the same covers.”  Michael Brown


 LifeLines Press is a unique publishing house that specializes in producing short print runs of memoirs, poetry, letters and family histories.  These editions are of exceptional quality. We never use templates.  Each book is designed individually to suit the contents and the author’s tastes. We use only the highest quality papers and bindings, and you are consulted throughout the design and print process.  For more information visit LifeLines Press, or contact me personally on


“LifeLines Press, and its publisher Rebecca de Saintonge, have given me and my family a gift beyond price: the publication of ‘The Memorial Book’, my accounting of the Hirschhorn and Fischer families’ ordeals through the Holocaust – the stories of those who survived, and those who didn’t survive.  Throughout the many months of the book’s preparation Rebecca showed exemplary good taste in the design; she gave expert advice gently and  unhurriedly; and was immensely patient to deal with all the changes, additions, backtrackings and my own anxieties that I imposed on her.  The result is beautiful.”

Norbert Hirschhorn MD.
































To learn more about Lifelines Press, visit our website at