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“A small book about all the truly big things: love, loss, tragedy, joy, purpose, pain and laughter. It is – sometimes shockingly – candid, often very beautiful, and shot through with courage, faith and a fierce, heart-breaking tenderness.”

Sara Maitland, author A Book of Silence. Winner of Somerset Maugham Award for Daughter of Jerusalem


“ At last, someone who understands, who touched so many emotions of mine… This book will set me free to live and love again.”


“The book is not for the faint hearted. It tackles marital morality and conventional theology head on – with honesty, dignity, occasional anger, frequent humour.”


“To say I was riveted by the book is an understatement. Your love shone through the book like a lighthouse.”


“The theology and philosophy were stimulating, insightful and profound. I particularly liked her analysis of paradox.”


“Anyone who has encountered deep suffering and had to overhaul long held beliefs about the way they thought God works in the world will also find a home in this book. Bittersweet and soft yet also profound, this book is sad at times but it is not heavy – it’s beautiful. It lacks bitterness and is full of grace.”


“What a skill to condense so much exquisitely personal experience into a piece of writing that is so readable.”


“I was worried the book would be a catalogue of dementia symptoms and peppered with self pity. Instead it dealt with this harrowing subject with a light touch and was very amusing.”


“I started reading Rebecca de Saintonge’s book one morning in bed, and did not get up until I had finished it. ‘One Yellow Door’ is utterly compelling, vibrantly and delicately written, touched with humour. The author confronts fearlessly the pain of the loss of a partner and of oneself in the endless demands made of a carer. It is a love story, written with great honesty and generosity of spirit. Rebecca’s determination to keep loving her husband in his diminishing state, to find the energy she needs to care for him without breaking down, shines through. And perhaps, most amazing of all, she rediscovers the spiritual beliefs she had lost along the way.”


“I don’t finish many books, but I read this in one sitting. It’s beautifully written, intimate, personal, agonisingly painful, brutally candid about some of the deepest and most tragic issues in life.”


“I am currently on holiday and will always remember it as the time I read this wonderful book.”



“Rebecca is a terrific and knowledgeable mentor. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. She has been an inspiration. I can’t wait for the next lesson and the challenge it will bring.” John Zimnock


“Shrewd, well-informed and fun to work with, Rebecca draws on long experience as a biographer, journalist and broadcaster. A great help to aspiring writers. I warmly recommend her.”

Jeremy Lewis, biographer and former director of Chatto publishing.


“It was great fun working with Rebecca. She really captured my voice, and my family and friends thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.  She really knows her stuff.”  Sir Michael Pickard


“Rebecca de Saintonge is an acute and insightful literary critic. Her eloquence and love of the written word combined with the expressive creativity of her own work make her a lucid and experienced guide through the writing process.” Professor Tina Beattie, Roehampton University


“I’d done the family research, but I struggled with writing it up to make a really good story. LifeLines Press were brilliant.”  Richard S. Johnson




“How rare to meet professionalism, integrity and friendly service, all between the same covers.” Michael Brown


“Lifeline’s great strength is their commitment to quality and attention to detail.” Crispin Paine


“Working with LifeLines Press was great fun. They did exactly what they promised. The books were beautifully produced. Very professional. We were delighted. I thoroughly recommend them.” Sir Michael Pickard


“I am delighted with my LifeLines editions. Their work is more a labour of love than a business transaction.” Brian Cooke, cartoonist and scriptwriter George and Mildred, Robin’s Nest, etc


“The children and grandchildren are delighted with their books, and were caught completely by surprise!” Mike Courtenay


“LifeLines Press, and its publisher Rebecca de Saintonge, have given me and my family a gift beyond price: the publication of ‘The Memorial Book’, my accounting of the Hirschhorn and Fischer families’ ordeals through the Holocaust – the stories of those who survived, and those who didn’t survive. Throughout the many months of the book’s preparation Rebecca showed exemplary good taste in the design; she gave expert advice gently and unhurriedly; and was immensely patient to deal with all the changes, additions, backtrackings and my own anxieties that I imposed on her. The result is beautiful.”   Norbert Hirschhorn MD.


“Have just received the books. They are lovely!!! Thank you very much for everything.” David Cornwall


“LifeLines transformed my short autobiography into a book  I am immensely proud. There are insufficient words to express my satisfaction.”Sue Moore


“These books are of exceptional quality. Beautiful to look at and handle.”
Sarah Tisdall