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Welcome to Rebecca de Saintonge’s website. Writing Workshops, Writing Mentoring and help with publishing memoirs.

“The Past is a Foreign Country – they do things differently there: L.P.Hartley

“Memoir is archaeology of your own past” – Karen Altenberg For many of you, lockdown seemed to be the perfect time to think about writing that memoir for family and friends, or maybe even for publication, but from what I’m hearing, the thought has not always been the father of the deed! To encourage any […]

The far side of panic

December 2018 This blog is really for all those of you who have those moments of despair: where is my work going.. what am I doing… can’t think, can’t write… why am I doing this…… Earlier this year I was sitting in on a workshop run by Andrew Miller and Karin Altenberg. Andrew opened it […]

How the story of other people’s lives challenge and inspire our own

I don’t think anyone, reading the news today, could fail to be dismayed by the extent that racial disharmony is fragmenting communities across the world.  The escalating violence, the naked hatred we witness on an almost daily basis, has left us reeling. Does that mean that somehow, we all have to re-think our own values? […]

Exciting new book

Hotting up for publication

Things are now beginning to hot up as we head towards publication of my latest book ONE YELLOW DOOR, a memoir of love and loss, faith and infidelity – a subtitle we struggled with, incidentally, as this book is all about fidelity. It’s a nerve-wracking business, having your memoirs published.  Too much information out there.  […]